Try a New German Dish Today

Try a New German Dish Today

Stop by our bakery for seasonal foods

Seasonal German foods can make the year more exciting. Each season brings a different batch of wonderful foods for you to munch on. Experience the joy of seasonal foods at Cinn Sations. We're a traditional German bakery that makes outstanding seasonal foods.

Our chefs cook everything from seasonal soups to meats. You'll love our wide selection of seasonal foods. Call 970-834-1016 today for more information.

What type of seasonal foods will you find?

We offer a variety of seasonal foods for you to enjoy throughout the year. You can find:

  • Butterballs to celebrate the holidays the right way
  • Soups to warm you throughout the frigid winters
  • Fudges for when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer

We have something that everyone will enjoy. Visit our restaurant today to taste our seasonal foods.